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Evelyn Baker ebak at ca.inter.net
Thu Apr 13 08:06:17 EDT 2017

I saw this on one of the guinea pig communities on Facebook. I thought I 
should repost here.

From: https://www.facebook.com/cavysavyguineapigcommunity/

Cartrophen...........remember that name! Save this post! Write it in 
your diary!

Cartrophen is a revolutionary advance in the treatment for arthritis in 
dogs & horses, chronic UTI's in cats, and even for humans who suffer 
chronic bladder issues & cystitis !

BUT, what is really really exciting is that it is also being used in the 
treatment for ongoing chronic bladder issues in guinea pigs!!

We have now used Cartrophen successfully for 4 guinea pigs who have 
suffered ongoing chronic bladder issues including interstitial cystitis 
(which when chronic has been responsible for the euthanising of piggies 
who suffer from it:'()

So, if you have a pig (male or female) that is suffering ongoing UTI’s, 
bladder sludge, bladder irritation, interstitial cystitis or other 
urinary tract issues – speak to your vet about this amazing drug.

Cartrophen - otherwise known as Pentosan polysulfate (PPS) works by 
providing a protective coating to the damaged bladder wall.

Its works by protecting the lining of the bladder from grit and sludge 
and crystals.........injections are generally once per month or as 
required. Some pigs only need 3-4 treatments

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