[Gpdd] (Rainbow Bridge) Puff has passed

Sandra Oliver-Poore warmbreath at comcast.net
Mon Apr 17 10:30:33 EDT 2017

Dear Joanie. I am so sorry to hear your dearest Puff has passed to the
Bridge.  I didn't know that she had cancer but she and her great sprit made
it almost to seven years!! I still remember when she was a baby and the
stories we told endlessly. Once we even had her as a gymnast doing
cartwheels. She was the youngest Lady-in-Waiting to the Princess
Snowflake(?)  did I get that one right?  So we are both now pigless, I am
pet less and miss it so. May the memories of sweet Puff warm your heart


Sincerely,   Sandy with AR the toy rat




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