[Gpdd] MISC.: Eddie and Nugget want YOU!

Judith Lainer bunsnpigs at aol.com
Wed Aug 9 12:46:15 EDT 2017

Hi, cuties! My life is crazy busy! And I'm old, too.  Plus, check out my last paragraph.

I work over 30 hours a week as a vet tech, and we are readying our house to sell it. I'm really bummed since we have lots of land and privacy but we are moving back to civilization. Smaller house and no yard! Anyone want a John Deere tractor?  

I have no personal rabbits right now. Millie died almost 2 years ago at 14 1/2 and I have devoted my space to fostering.  However, my fostering is on hold right now due to the selling and moving thing.  I lost my dear skinny Herbie a few weeks ago at over 5 1/2, but I still have my 6-year-old furry girls Tulip and Lily. I also adopted Uncle Albert, a very cute bearded dragon. My dog Toby was my parents' constant companion, but they passed in 2014 and 2915, so I am his snuggler now. He's slightly larger than the girls at 4 1/2 pounds!

Rounding out our animal kingdom are Oscar Bird and Timmy, both parrots.  Both noisy, funny and crazy!

Yesterday I was cleaning out old papers in my effort to destash and found the registration book for the 2000 Guinea Pig Extravaganza with Peter Gurney, Caroline Whittle and the Winking Cavy store.  I had so much energy back then. Needless to say, the dust irritated my eyes, I cried for awhile from the dust (ahem), and saved that book for another day.  17 years ago this month!! We have lost others who attended along with our dearest Peter.  ❤️ Fond memories.  Peter slept with my guinea pigs at my house for a week!

Judith Lainer
Educator/Fosterer MD/DC/NoVa HRS
Licensed Veterinary Technician

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