[Gpdd] Reporting in

Luita Dean Spangler luitad at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Aug 9 15:23:19 EDT 2017

Hello, Cindy, slave to Nugget and Eddie!

Here's the news from Berlin: Marinella reports that she is totally in
charge of their new large cage (she calls it a "habitat"), and will only
allow Chap on or around the hammock when it pleases her. Chap reports that
Marinella is telling a big lie, that he actually prefers not to be around
the hammock, and only goes on or around the hammock when she's absent
"just to check up on things". Both guinea pigs want all human slaves to
know that ramps that accompany elaborate two-level cages are entirely
unnecessary, since they both believe that the air on the second level is
far too thin for their health, and refuse to even contemplate accessing
the second level. ("And how undignified to use a ramp, of all things!"
says Marinella, who said she might have used an elevator once or twice if
one had come with the new "habitat".)

Chap want to know from Eddie if Nugget is as bossy as Marinella.

Luita, Secretary to the Berlin Pigs

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