Francine Rossi francinehibiscus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 12:07:29 EDT 2017

Judi Lainer, you are a personal goddess!!

I was at the Virginia pigstravaganza, and it was fantastic!  Meeting Peter
in person was a peak experience.  I will never forget it, and you, for
making it happen.  <3  (getting all weepy now!)

I am nine years without pigs... that's a long time.  After Pansy died, my
dad said that was IT.  She was his chemo buddy, and Dad couldn't handle
watching me and Mom bereft after each pig died.  Honestly, I don't have it
in me to lose another pig.  There's something about them that just sucked
up my entire heart.  I follow so many pig pages on Tumblr and Instagram,
and of course my friends with pigs, but I am sticking to being pigless.

I do have a grey parrot, Jed, who will turn 20 this winter.  We will have
been together 18 years, and I expect we will spend the rest of our lives
together, since I am an Old.  He still makes the WHEEK WHEEK sound
sometimes, since he learned from Peggy piggen that the WHEEEK!  brings the
slaves running.

Parade wave to everyone!


{Emma, Peggy, Pansy}

*Chop wood, carry water*

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