Julie Johnson juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com
Sun Aug 13 15:13:55 EDT 2017

Hi All,  this is that "ghost" from your past who sits reading posts but
never now contributes.


So, thought I'd correct that.


I just wanted to say that I have celebrated the anniversary of both Teddy
Bear & Honey Bunch's adoption day - it's 12 months since I rescued them from
the RSPCA!.     I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown.     


I love them as much as the day I adopted them.    They bring me great joy
(although they are a lot of work - particularly now as I had a major fall 2
weeks ago breaking my foot & tearing a ligament!   I'm in a moonboot for
between 4-6 weeks and the darned things are so heavy I find myself
absolutely exhausted trying to get around in them.


Best wishes too all,


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