[Gpdd] Miscellaneous: Eddie and Nugget want you!

Glynis Robson glynisrobson55 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 05:34:23 EDT 2017

Tweety hello Cindy Eddie and Nugget

My mummy has been very busy with work, she got a new job a few months ago
and now I don't get to fly late afternoon cause it's usually dark when she
gets home. And I only get to have a quick fly in the mornings!

Boys it's not good enough is it?! I do however get lots of fly time on the
weekend, wish it was more than two days long tho.

Mummy's internet has been playing up too she's just had to read through one
week of gpdd and loads of emails even one from the bank oops.

I'm sending lots of tweety loves to you boys and your wonderful mom and
dad. Mummy sends lots of scritches (me no like these) and kisses (I love
kisses) to you and hugs too :-)

Tweety loves
Charlie (the budgie) xxxxxxxxx

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