[Gpdd] MISC.: Reporting in

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 14 15:15:49 EDT 2017

Luita and the Berlin Pigs, we enjoyed getting the news from Germany, 
complete with reports from Marinella and Chip. Eddie and Nugget say that 
from now on, they, like Marinella, will expect for their cage to be 
referred to as a habitat. Yes, we are sure that Chip just checks the 
hammock from time to time and doesn't pay attention when Marinella 
insists that it is hers. It sounds as though they both are expecting you 
to put an elevator in their, um, habitat. I hope Eddie and Nugget don't 
get any ideas (though they are in a one-story, they might decide they 
still need one).

Yes, please tell Chip that Nugget can indeed be bossy. He likes to, of 
course, steal Eddie's food. However, when they are enjoying their 
carrier ("summer home"), Eddie has learned that if he plays his cards 
right, he can get the window seat!

Cindy, Eddie, and Nugget

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