[Gpdd] MISC: Checking in with Dante Wigglebottom

Jocelyn Anderson jocelynm at umich.edu
Wed Aug 16 14:49:23 EDT 2017

Hello everyone!

Our youngest and smallest piggy, Dante Wigglebottom, has decided he is the
official spokespig. He is very small - he must have been the runt of the
litter - but he has the loudest voice.

A few weeks ago I was on vacation and looking forward to sleeping in. My
piggies usually get breakfast service at 7:00 am. At 7:13 I heard "wheek
wheek wheek" from the piggy room. A few minutes later, Dante must have
decided that I wasn't getting the message and got louder. "wheek wheek
WHEEK WHEEK WHEEK!" I ended up getting up and feeding the little porkers.
Ever since then, I will hear wheeks when breakfast service is running late.

Dante will also give a big "WHEEK" when I get home from work. He is very
good at reminding me that it is food service time, and that he is very

Jocelyn, Apollo, Dmitri, and Dante Wigglebottom

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