[Gpdd] MISC: Checking in with Dante Wigglebottom (Jocelyn Anderson

Judith Lainer bunsnpigs at aol.com
Fri Aug 18 14:07:30 EDT 2017

Little porkers can't let you sleep in! The nerve! 

I will soon have to relegate my porkers to the basement bedroom with French doors. They and Uncle Albert (bearded dragon) will have to live there while the house is on the market for sale.  I may move down there, too.  I just hope it sells fast!

After my skinny my boy Herbie passed away last month, the girls don't want any veggie variety anymore. Lettuce, carrots and tops, some sprigs of parsley, chard, bok choy and broccoli stems are about it.  They are 6 1/2 and not very spry anymore, the dear ladies. 

Judi (with Lily and Tulip, Uncle Albert the beardie, Oscar and Timmy the parrots, and Toby the 4 1/2 pound 16 year old wonder dog!)

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