[Gpdd] Miscellaneous: Eddie and Nugget want you!

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 19 07:52:09 EDT 2017

Glynis and Charlie the Budgie, we are so pleased to receive your update! 
Glynis, we send continued best wishes in your new job, and please tell 
Charlie that perhaps when it's spring and summer there, he can get 
afternoon fly time again. We are pleased that he does get lots of fly 
time on the weekends.

Glynis, we hope your Internet is straightened out soon, so you don't 
have problems getting on. We all thank Charlie for his tweety loves (and 
the boys thank you for the scritches, kisses, and hugs). Please give 
Charlie kisses from me, and the boys send wheeky loves to all of you.

Cindy, Eddie, and Nugget

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