[Gpdd] SILLY: taking pigtures of piggies

Rayna Alsberg rmalsberg at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 13:21:31 EDT 2017

Hello Cindy, Eddie and Nugget and all,

I really enjoyed your tale about pigtography. Yes, getting good pigtures is
a real art.

Glad your boys had fun at floortime.

I miss everyone and everypiggy too.

We have been pigless for a while. Now that we are retired, we travel a lot
more, and we would have to make arrangements for piggy care while we are

People were always very good about it, but it would be too much.

But there are great pigtures to see, and piggy stories to read about from
you all, so thank you for that.

And special thanks, Cindy, for keeping in touch.


Taffy, Sundae, Tosca, Carmen and Shakira, all in mem

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