[Gpdd] Misc: new Boar and piggie hacks

Mieke Staaks pandameisje at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 12:30:39 EDT 2017

Hi all, I don't think I shared with you all the we have a new Boar, after
Bérke sadly had to leave us around Whit Monday, being over 5,5 years old.

Here you can see the new boar's pretty face. The shelter (t kuufke) were we
got him took this pigture. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXNFUoxlrfj/
His name is Binky, we thought about other names but Binky stuck, it kind of
suits him. I do have to mention in Dutch the word Bink means something like
'tough guy', I understood in English it has a less manly connotation.
Binky is the most (sexually) active boar we have ever had, but we never had
a boar with our girls who was less then a year old (he turns 1 in
September), do it might just be his age and the pretty-ness of our girls ;)
He goes really well with the girls though they still seem a bit
surprised/annoyed when he tries to mount them... All our piggies are now
around 1 year old and they can be quite active together. The cutest is when
they start running and popcorns together, all three of them. I haven't
managed to make a video of that but I did get a nice one from Binky running
around. You can see that on our blog, here:
Raani has taken over the role of main beggar for food, that Bérke used to
have, she is quite good at it (https://www.instagram.com/p/BX0pZS3geQ_/)

I want to start a new topic on the undercover guinea pigs blog about piggy
hacks. Inspired by the site ikeahackers.net, where people use ikea
furniture in other ways then intentionally meant, often modifying it. We
also do this for our piggies, use things that were not meant for guinea
pigs for our guinea pigs, like a drain pipe to run through. We also have a
wooden Ikea doll bed, that the pigs love to hide under and play on. Only
modification we made to it was putting sticky plastic wrap around the
bottom of the bed so that when they pee on it the compressed wood will not
break down. If you have any of these things not meant for piggies but used
for them and you would like to share about then with a pigture we (Penny, M
and me, Mieke) would love to hear about them! Will be nice to hear what
others thought of.

Grtz Mieke and Guinygirlz Raani and Cookie and Boar Binky

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