[Gpdd] Health: Eddie's Recovery

pat schuett bunzella at yahoo.ca
Fri Feb 3 15:22:38 EST 2017

Hi Cindy.
I'm so sorry to hear that Eddie's recovery is taking a bit longer than hoped.  
The extra fluids do sound like a good idea, though my current piggy vet once told me that she had never seen a piggy urine sample with no crystals at all --- as long as they were being excreted rather than building up in the bladder, she was happy.  Maybe Eddie's urine has an unusually large number, though, and that could be causing him discomfort and be a possible risk factor for future stone formation.  Is he on any pain medication?
I have had several pigs with bladder stones and done a lot of research on the condition, but since none of the changes I made to their diet, water, etc. seemed to have any effect on the piggies who had stones, I would hesitate to encourage you to go the same way I did. Hopefully there is someone out there who has been able to actually eliminate or control the growth of stones in their piggies --- those would be the people we need to hear from! 
I know Ann Evans knows a lot about "stone pigs"; I was just attempting to get to the information on her Piggyville website and couldn't get through.  I know she recently moved from Florida to North Carolina, so maybe she is in the process of changing her website --- does anyone else know how to get in touch with Ann? 
Best of luck to you and Eddie; hopefully you just need to persevere a bit longer and sort out a few glitches, and it will be clear sailing!
Pat and the Prairie Pigs

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