[Gpdd] [HEALTH] Eddie 2

Ann Evans ann.evans at hintlink.com
Sun Feb 5 10:54:55 EST 2017

Hi Cindy,
I missed your earlier posts because we have moved to North Carolina. Has 
Eddie been on  pain medication or an anti inflammatory like Rimadyl or 
ibuprofen? The hydrangea root extract also has anti inflammatory 
properties. But piggys need to be on anti inflammatories for at least 3 
weeks after surgery. I typically use either rimadyl 5mg orally twice a 
day or childrens ibuprofen 0.4 ml orally twice a day for 3 weeks.

As I stated in the earlier post hydrangea extract helps the crystals and 
sludge get flushed out of the bladder. But if the bladder and urethra 
are still swollen and inflamed from surgery it makes it harder for the 
crystals to be flushed out. Also inflammation causes pain.

At the Guinea pig hospital when we have a piggy that has a lot of 
crystals in their urine we give 5 mg of Lasix followed by 40 ml of subQ 
fluids. The lasix helps the kidneys to flush out the crystals. Since you 
are taking Eddie in for subQ fluids you may want to discuss this 
technique with your vet. It can be done once a day for a total of 3 days 
of treatment.

You can do everything right and yet your piggy still can get stones. 
They are physiologically prone to them since they have very alkaline 
urine. Also Eddie can be genetically predisposed to getting stones. Keep 
up the good nursing care.

I am not a vet. Thanks to Penny for forwarding your post to me.

Cheers, Ann of Piggyville.

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