[Gpdd] Health; Teddys and dry skin.

Christine Burton christineburton83 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 14:45:05 EST 2017

Hi all. I have been looking on the gorgeous guinea site for a cream for
Lola's dry and now flaky skin. She had a bath in medisect and she has
regular ivermectin.it seems to be just dry skin on her back and in her
ears. She doesn't scratch excessively and noone else has a problem. It
seems a lot drier since I used medisect.wondered if anyone has any thoughts
on best dry skin cream. Gorgeous guinea's do aloe Vera.neem and something
else so I thought I would try the aloe Vera.she doesn't like to be stroked
 .I will take her to the vet but they don't always quickly get to the cause
and if it's just irritation and dryness I want to sooth it. The skin is
pinker than the rest but not red and no scratchmarks or movement. Thanks
everyone.hope AL and pigs are as well as can be. Love from Chris and Lola
and girls xxcc

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