[Gpdd] Health: Barok is in a bad way

Luita Dean Spangler luitad at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jan 3 12:27:56 EST 2017

Dear Jaime,

Thank you so much for your concern. Unfortunately Barok's jaw became worse
and worse, so even with weekly dental treatments with our veterinarian
friend, it became nearly impossible for him to swallow, much less chew. He
even began to have great difficulty swallowing syringed Herbicare mixture.
It was heartbreaking to see him eagerly perch on his food bowl when I
filled it, try to eat, and then give up. Our veterinarian came to our
apartment on the 17th and put him to sleep - it was a very quiet, peaceful
death; he didn't even feel it when she gave him the shot. He just went to
sleep in my lap, and left. When he was gone, we put him back in the cage
long enough for Marinella to say goodbye.

This never gets easier.

Marinella, soon to get a rescued piggie friend

>  I know this is very late & I don't know how things turned out for Barok
> but I am hoping for the best. You are all in my thoughts & prayers. Please
> let me know how things turned out. Thanks.~Jaime~

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