[Gpdd] HEALTH: Eddie has a bladder stone

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 11 16:41:59 EST 2017

I found out yesterday that Eddie has a bladder stone.  It was definitely 
not news I wanted to hear.  He had a stone removed three years ago, so I 
guess we have been lucky that nothing returned until now.  His surgery 
will be Friday.

Please think good thoughts for him.  I will take him to the vet's a 
little before nine that morning, but I am not sure when the surgery will 
be done.  Last time I heard around 1 or so that he was resting 
comfortably after surgery.

In regard to piggies not fasting beforehand, can anyone give me further 
information?  I can't remember exactly what I did last time.

Cindy, Eddie, and Nugget

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