[Gpdd] Misc teddy guinea pig behavior.

Christine Burton christineburton83 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 11:22:20 EST 2017

I did read somewhere teddy piggies don't always get on in a herd. I can't
find a reference now but someone on a web page wrote that some female
teddys have a dominent tendency not to get on with other females my 9 month
old is bossing to an extreme degree. Two younger girls are very wary the
older girl now three stands up to her but she only has one I. Might she be
better with a nuetered male or another teddy girl. My other two girls are
very timid anyway but recently there is a lot of sqealing going on when she
corners one of them and starts billing. At the moment she is in the big pen
by herself and they are in the run cos they and I needed a break.Has anyone
else had this problem with a teddy?it's more than the usual bossy stuff.
Chris and her girls. Charlie and Archie in memory. Thanks everyone xxx

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