[Gpdd] Misc:Teddys

Christine Burton christineburton83 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 06:44:29 EST 2017

Hello everyone, Thanks Dee,Cindy,Penny and Jocelyn for your replies.I hope
this is a teenager phase as Jocelyn says. She hasn't been particularly
dominentup to now but does have the stronger personality. She is laid back
in some ways and easy to groom and nail trim. She is paired with orea but
goes in the kitchen where they have beds and trays during the afternoon
evening and night. Mosy they are only penned for up to 4 hours in the
morning while I clean. They all four go in kitchen there's some hustling to
start with the they settle.Because Archie was so bad with Charlie and also
it was Archie who bit Lotfie in the eye and,and that only took seconds
without the usual warning sighns I am extremely cautious. Lottie and Lola
vet on well but when penned it's a bit too much for lottie. I e. Lola will
drop her own piece of cucumber and take lotties of her on her blind side!l
find Lola the teddy isn't keen on being stroked, chin and ear rubs only.she
is very vocal about it.Archie,by the way developed an abcess that had to be
operated on.But he struggled to come round from the anaesthetic and died
the next morning.Yet he had gone through nuetering with out any problem. He
was six when he died. Thanks again everyone. Christine and gang of four
girls. Xx

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