[Gpdd] Misc: Wally Pig and I just checking in :)

leah.mcneil at wellsfargo.com leah.mcneil at wellsfargo.com
Tue May 16 14:38:41 EDT 2017

Hello Piggie & Slaves!
I hope that everyone and everypig is doing Well these days!
I saw Jaime's post about not getting the Digest. I've been getting
them, but just been so busy that I haven't been able to read them
all. Jaime, I hope that you feel Better soon! Pneumonia is no Joke.
Well, I just wanted to drop in and say "Hello". Wally Pig is doing
pretty good. His 2 Year Adoption Day is coming up next month (on
June 5) so he is chucking along here. I work from home full-time
now, so we are always together which is very nice. Overall, I have
no complaints. Life is Good!

Well, I gotta run. But, I just wanted to send some Extra Love and
Healing Wheeeeks to the sick ones and to anyone who is mourning
a loss. I hope that all Piggies and Slaves are doing Great!!
                    Piggie Love, Wally Pig & Slave Leah :)

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