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Julie Johnson juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com
Thu May 18 04:00:43 EDT 2017

Hi all,


I’ve been reading the post about very few people checking in, so I’m not
adding my 2 cents worth to the GPDD.     


My dearest Teddy Bear, who is definitely my   soulmate No. 15!! has gone
blind.    Not 100%, but he has cataracts in both eyes.    It came on very
suddenly, over what seemed like only a week or less, but life is so busy for
me with so many things happening that one day could feel like 2 weeks to me!


The vet says the sight loss is the same degree in each eye and cause could
be diabetes.   She said only way to know is to do blood tests and knock him
out with anaesthetic.   I said no way.    No anaesthetic cause that will be
the beginning of his end.    I just love & snuggle him and will care for him
for the remainder of his life.   I don’t know his age as he was a rescue
piggy (he was a stray!) and Honey also was rescue from RSPCA.  The way
Teddy’s toenails are getting that curl to them I’d say he’s certainly
mature, at least more than 12 months maybe closer to 2 years).


I researched the internet and found that diabetes can cause this, and what
is the biggest cause of diabetes in piggies

 yep, Teddy’s favourite food –
corn!   I was giving him bits of corn cobs daily, so it is probably my fault
that my baby is now blind.      He is fine with it tho, he can see me
coming, he loves it when mummy hand feeds him his fresh grass, I ensure his
cage has everything in the exact same position and he now has no trouble.
To begin with he had a few occasions of bumping his little nose into the end
of the cage, but doesn’t do that now.    Only thing is, Honey Bunch has
become very dominant and I’ve caught her nipping Teddy Bear & had to speak
very harshly to her about that.   


Honey Bunch is a fat piggy, she’s a guts really.   I can’t get her weight
off, altho she has dropped weight a little bit, down from 1.5kg (yep, ½ the
weight of my dog) and she hit 1.365kg, but I think she’s gone up a bit now,
but not near 1.5kg, around the early 1.4kg.   I only feed them grass,
timothy & orchard hay, some fortified vitamin C pellets and green veges.
Nothing with any sugar in it, now that it’s too late for Teddy’s eyesight.


Anyway, that’s it for me.


Jaime, I read you are suffering from pneumonia.   You must feel so sick.
Please take care of yourself and get better soon.      How is Cody?  


I hope all goes  well with all piggies & peoples. 



Julie + Teddy Bear, Honey Bunch, & my dog Millie :-)  


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