[Gpdd] Heath - ANYA

Julie Johnson juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com
Mon May 22 07:51:30 EDT 2017

Dear Jan,


I am so deeply sorry to read of little Anya having lymphoma, with such a
short time left to spend in your love.    I am sending wishes from far away,
that your little Anya doesn't suffer, and that she has more time left with
you than the vet advised.         There's no doubt you'll be cuddling &
snuggling with your bubby all the time you have left.


I pray for Anya to have no pain, I pray for you to have strength & I pray
for you to know how much love is being sent to you from all around the
world.      I also pray that Anya has more than 1 month left with you before
she crosses the Bridge to join all her fellow piggies.


I am sending you my hugs & prayers & I hope you can feel those hugs from all
the way downunder.    What a sad, very sad time for you to suffer through.
May you have much more than 1 month left with your Anya.  


Oh, why do these sad things  happen to those we love the mostest? 


With much sadness,  the strongest hugs I can give you without squashing you,
and much love,


Julie & "My Soulmate" piggies - Teddy Bear & Honey Bunch


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