[Gpdd] Health: Teaching my babies to take stuff from a spoon

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 24 20:13:59 EDT 2017

ME, it was so interesting to read about how you get your piggies used to 
eating from a spoon and then from a syringe, so that if they ever become 
sick and you need to use those methods, they will be used to them.  So 
funny to hear, though, that Pearl is not food-driven!  Perhaps she has 
not yet read the Guinea Pig Manual.

When I make Eddie's "slurry" of watery pellets, chewable acidophilus, 
and a bit of Critical Care, the only way he will eat it is from a spoon. 
  He'd never even seen a spoon before.  Piggies!

Cindy, Eddie, and Nugget

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