[Gpdd] Health: Teaching my babies to take stuff from a spoon

ME buddies at buddies.org
Mon Sep 25 23:23:22 EDT 2017

It may sound strange, but I've had several piggies who were not food-driven.  They always have plenty, so they just eat when they get hungry ... which actually isn't all the time.  Actually, since mine have constant access to pellets and hay, and veggies are given quite often, even the food-driven ones leave food for later when they've had enough since they know it's usually there, or, in the case of veggies, it will be there a few times a day.

The babies still aren't very impressed with the spoon.  Pearl has barely had a taste and I don't think Sapphire has had much more than a mouthful ... maybe I'll go on to trying syringing ... see if they like that ... or maybe with Pearl, I need to pick her up since she really likes the attention it gives her.

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