[Gpdd] Misc: Guinea pigs as pets

j s jesguineapig at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 20:50:19 EDT 2017

I live in Moline, IL  USA and guinea pigs are very much pets here.  You can
find them in the pet stores right along the birds, hamsters, gerbils etc.
I actually work for a petstore part time.  And when there is a guinea pig
that is not healthy or has some sort of issues it is me that they always
find to look at the baby guinea pig. Thankfully being part of this group I
have learned many many things about guinea pigs and have helped many that
have come thru our petstore here.
So to answer your question: yes we have guinea pigs as pets here in  the
USA. and sold as pets. in the petstores.
Greatest pet ever.
Jean and the misfits

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