[Gpdd] Announcement: Hello piggies n slaves

Glynis Robson glynisrobson55 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 05:56:51 EDT 2018

Dear Cindy Eddie and Nugget and Rayna

Thank you for your stories on the boys. I love hearing about them so much

And Rayna how lovely that you too have seen them use their feet :-)

Sending much love to Eddie I hope the sub q's are helping. Please give him
nose rubs and little kisses :-)

So cute that Nugget went and informed his big brother about how they were
going somewhere!

I remember so well the girls using their cute feet to eat or stand on the
side of the bowl. I think Onyx used to like doing this in particular cause
then she could pinch the food from Velvets side of the bowl :-) of course
Velvet had no idea until she'd go to eat her piece of pepper only to find
it missing. Most confusing for her being blind. If I saw this happen I'd
pickup Onyx piece and give it to her!

Love to all adorable piggies and their lovely slaves xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love Glynis and Charlie xxxx (in mem Sully Duke Velvet and Onyx) xxxx

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