j johnson juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com
Mon Apr 16 00:38:35 EDT 2018

Hello old friends,


Me here - Julie from downunder.    I hope all goes well with both 2 & 4
legged friends.


I'm hoping that someone may have a copy of Ann Evans' notes which show the
way piggy's teeth can incorrectly grow.    I've got heaps of notes, but
after I lost Treacle in 2015 I swore I would never have any more piggies, so
put those notes carefully away, somewhere!    I can't find them!!


Would anyone have a copy of the pages which have diagrams showing the way a
piggy's teeth can grow, incorrectly, compared to how they should look?   My
Teddy Bear's teeth are growing incorrectly, with the top incisors being like
a like a down arrow, and the bottom incisors fitting perfectly into that
arrow, but those teeth are like an upwards arrow, eg ^.    His eating is not
affected, he's still as greedy, gutsy and overweight as ever!


Hope you can understand my question, I don't really know how to describe
what I am talking about! 


I'm praying someone has a copy of Ann's notes so I may pass them on to my
vet so we can work out what is wrong with Teddy's teeth.    


Best wishes to all,

Julie, Teddy Bear & Honey Bunch 

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