[Gpdd] [HEALTH] Teeth Problems 2

Ann Evans ann.evans at hintlink.com
Wed Apr 18 10:09:07 EDT 2018

Hi Julie and the GPDD Family,

I sent Julie 4 emails that contained pictures, protocols, lecture notes 
and scans of dental treatments from  Vedra Stanley Spatcher's book 
"Official Guide to Guinea Pig Diagnostics, Surgery, Medication and 
Welfare". Below is one of the emails I sent to Julie. Thank you to Penny 
and Rachel for alerting me to this post.

I am sorry but from your description I could not determine which way 
Teddy Bear's incisors were slanting. How old is he and when did you 
first notice his incisors were not wearing correctly?
I attached a page from Vedra's book. She gives an example of the 
incisors slanting towards the left. This indicates that the left 
superior molars are too long and need to be filed down. The incisors 
also need to be be trimmed straight across. Your vet should also check 
to make sure that there are no molar spurs growing towards the tongue or 
cheeks. Guinea pigs are very susceptible to developing oral thrush 
especially after the molars have been filed. Therefore. it is imperative 
that he be treated with an antifungal drug. I suggest Daktarin oral gel. 
At a minimum give him about 0.5ml of Daktarin twice a day for two weeks. 
Penny of Piggyfriends has had great success in treating piggys with 
molar problems caused by tooth root abscesses. She applies Daktarin gel 
to a Q-tip and swabs the mouth a couple times a day. I hope all the 
pictures that I have sent you help. Please feel free to share the 
printout of Corrective Dentistry for Rodents.

I am not a vet.

Cheers, Ann of Piggyville

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