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Thu Apr 19 00:57:07 EDT 2018

Hi all,


Many thanks for your posts & email messages with attachments.   Thanks very
much Ellen & Ann for going to thetrouble to enclose attachments.


Teddy and I will be going to see a specialist in Brisbane tomorrow morning
(at least a 2.5hr drive from here), and if necessary, the specialist will
gas him and do dental work, depending on initial consultation.    So I'll be
away all day tomorrow, and pray that I will be bringing my Teddy home with


Teddy's lower incisors come from the gum to the top of incisors to a point,
which then fit into a shape in the top incisors like a V.   Also, the teeth
are now not meeting as they are more side to side rather than straight from
the front.     He's had this problem for a number of months but the vet kept
checking the molars and said there were no spurs.    But today she said this
was beyond her capabilities and suggested a specialist who only treats birds
& guinea pigs.    I pray this vet can help my Teddy Bear - I could not cope
with losing him now, especially as my dog Millie died in August last year
after having heart attack at the groomer (because huge poodles were walking
around free and Millie was a very scared puppy locked in a cage); and then
in Feb this year we had our 15 year Katie put to sleep as she had Grade 6
heart murmur, and she had outlived her life.  Her passing was easier to
accept because I could see she was in distress and really didn't know what
to do with herself, so I knew it was time.    But Millie just went to have
haircut and when I collected her I had to rush her to vet because her tongue
was blue.    She had pulmonary oedema and the heart was struggling, it did
not sound like a heart, she was building up fluid faster than the vet could
suction it.    I was advised she would "drown" so I said yes to putting her
to sleep.     I miss that dog like she was my daughter.


Now Teddy Bear has taken her place in my heart, as well as Honey Bunch, but
she is not "tame" like my Teddy, who calls me from cage & says pick me up
mum, looks up at me from floor, knows his name (so does Honey), follows me
around the room - he's like a mini puppy.


Anyway, that's all for now, please pray for my Teddy Bear and for the vet
specialist.    I don't like the thought of anaesthetic but there's no vet
downunder who'll do the work without anaesthetic.   So, a sleepless night
for me.    Gotta go and start cubing veges for Teddy & Honey now and hope
Teddy can pick up the cubes (I've been making pieces very thin & skinny).
Thank goodness for Critical Care.


Best wishes to all,

Julie, Teddy Bear & Honey Bunch     

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