[Gpdd] MISC: sorry, but you may have been hacked

Rayna Alsberg rmalsberg at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 13:39:14 EDT 2018

Dear GPDD friends,

Sorry to post this, but PLEASE be aware that your email may have been
hacked. :-(

I received a message that was clearly spam from a fellow digester's email
account. I'm sure the person did not really send that message. :-(

>From time to time, I do receive very welcome emails from GPDD people, but
this was not one of those.

So, everyone, please consider that your email may have been hacked, and
take appropriate action.

Piggies, please tell your parents/slaves, and let them get on the computer
for a moment.

Wheeks and happy spring,

Taffy, Sundae, Tosca, Carmen and Shakira, all in mem

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