[Gpdd] MISC.: Slave's tiny piggy ornaments (for Eddie and Nugget).

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 3 15:23:28 EST 2018

Dear Piggyfriends,

Thank you for posting the pigtures of your mom's tiny guinea pig 
ornaments on the Undercover Piggies blog. The photos are great, and, 
yes, the white gp refrigerator magnet even showed up well. The wood 
piggies are so cool, and it's good that your mom bought all of them. We 
also love the Wade Whimsies and the Winking Cavy piggies, though we are 
sad to hear that the Winking Cavy is now gone (we didn't know).

Please tell your mom she did a great job of making the piggies to go 
with her dollhouse. We are hungry just looking at their carrots!

Thanks again. Our best to your mom, Penny.

Eddie and Nugget

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