[Gpdd] PIGLETS: Mr. Beasley

mgandalf43 at aol.com mgandalf43 at aol.com
Fri Feb 9 12:54:46 EST 2018

Hi Piggies and Slaves--

Just wanted to let you know that Willie is no longer alone after Tate's passing.  A piglet named Mr. P.S. Beasley now lives next door to Willie, and they already kiss through the bars like Willie and Tate did. The P.S. stands for Pumpkin Spice, because Mr. Beasley is a beautiful tweed of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, with an orangey tummy and darker streaks on his back.  He didn't know what veggies and fruits were for, but Willie taught him in two days :D  Now Willie chews the bars to demand treats, accompanied by Mr. Beasley's baby wheeks.

Willie has the sparkle back in his eyes again, and Mr. Beasley has cheered me, too, this cold and snowy winter. 

 Thanks for the comforting words when Tate left us. Hope all piggies and slaves are well!

                                                                                                 Mary Ann, with Willie and Mr. Beasley

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