[Gpdd] PIGLETS: Mr. Beasley

pat schuett bunzella at yahoo.ca
Sun Feb 11 14:13:18 EST 2018

Hi Mary Ann,
I was so glad to see your post about Mr. Beasley!   To me, the best way to heal after losing a treasured piggy friend is to honor them by giving another piggy a place in your heart and home, and I bet Willie agrees.  A new piggy pal in the cage next door makes everything in life more fun!
Like you, I've found that many of the piggies I have adopted from the local shelter have never eaten most veggies and I love watching their little faces as they try something delicious for the first time.  The first few bites are slow and tentative, but then the munching picks up speed until they have polished off every morsel and are searching the hay on the floor of their cage in case they might have missed a mouthful.  They have this look on their faces as if they are thinking "Oh my goodness --- who knew there was tasty stuff like that in the world???  And when do I get more of it???"
Congratulations and best wishes for many happy years with your new piglet!
Pat and the Prairie Pigs

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