Mark E. Moss markemoss at comcast.net
Mon Jan 1 13:42:31 EST 2018

Mommy Corrine

	We here at the GPDD Family know the pain and helplessness of losing a Piggy Master, but we cannot lose hope in the grand plan that is in store for us.  When your time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge your Little M. and all the other Master's that you have had the privilege to serve will be there to great you, but if you go early what will you say to them when they ask you why you came so soon?  They will wonder about what will happen to the Piggy Master's that were scheduled to be in your life but now have no Slave to take care of them.

	Know that we in the GPDD Family are here to help in any way that we can, you have our sincerest condolences over you loss of Little M.

Mark Moss & Son & the 8 Piggy Coders waiting for me at the Bridge.

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