[Gpdd] MISC Undercover Piggies blog

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 14:46:57 EST 2018

Thank you Cindy, Eddie and Nugget. We are all glad that you like our blog,
written with the help of Slaves Penny, M and Mieke.

We forgot to include a photo of a mug with guinea pigs on it, which Slave
is using for her hot lemon drinks whilst she recovers from the flu so she
allowed us to use her laptop to type this post.

She did manage to take a few photos today and we would post them on our
blog if only we knew how to get that tiny little card out of the camera and
into that tiny slot in the card reader. That is beyond the scope of our
little paws and we must wait for Slave to help us.

She cannot do much more than attend to our needs at the moment and,
although the pen cleaning may not be 100% she has supplied us all with
ample veggies and hay and filled our dishes.

With love from the Piggyfriends. ( Wow typing is hard ).


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