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Mon Jan 22 12:38:39 EST 2018

Hi all.  On Friday night Tate begged for his evening treat, but when I held him later I heard the ominous clicking in his lungs with each breath. My heart sank because that was never good news with earlier piggies. I gave him a dose of left-over antibiotic, and he dove into the blue fleece blanket he always loved. In the morning it looked like he'd eaten a bit of hay, but not pellets. I was able to get a vet appt., and gave him a syringe of water before we left. The vet gave him a fresh antibiotic prescription, Critical care, and advice for extra vit C and keeping him warm. He had another dose of antibiotic, some diluted orange juice with Critical and a lot of snuggling under the blue blanket. At 9:00 p.m., while I was holding him, he had a few brief seizures and was quietly gone. He was only 3, our youngest pet. 

After diving and burrowing into the blue blanket, he would still popcorn and flip like a baby, he loved it so much.  His friend Willie lives in the adjoining cage, and when Willie's door was open he'd lean over to the corner of Tate's cage so they could kiss through the bars. I plan to see if anypig needs rescuing soon so Willie doesn't get too lonely while we're at work.

I miss Tate's blond, bright-eyed cheerful presence :(   I'm grateful to have been his slave for 3 years.

                                                                                        Mary Ann and Willie

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