[Gpdd] Where Did You Light Your Candle??

Peter Gurney Memorial pg_memorial at gpdd.org
Mon Mar 12 13:04:14 EDT 2018

Sometimes in the excitement of the Peter Gurney Memorial, we lit our  
candles, but forgot to send a post telling us of your location.  So,  
if you got carried away and forgot to tell us your location, just send  
a post here (and if you have a photo of the occasion, include it too.  
Send to: PG_Memorial at gpdd.org).  We are keeping a listing of all the  
places our light went around the world, and will post it for all to  
see.  Remember to give us your city or town, regional province, state,  
and country.  The light certainly traveled, but we need to know where  
it went, if you forgot to tell us.

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