[Gpdd] MISC: Halloween 2018 Part 3

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Sat Nov 3 08:20:56 EDT 2018

 First of all,
Thank you everyone that sent me emails assuring me the posts went through...I freaked out a little bit for a while there....and the story continues...I apologize for spelling Ralphy's name incorrectly at some point in the story, and if I misspelled another pig's name, apologize for that as well. 

After a very, very long nap, the group started waking up and looking around for something to snack on but didn't see anything but pellets and some celery sticks. Andrea was disappointed. "Sigh, I was hoping for something a little more substantial, you know?" she said. "Don't worry dear. Once we get to the barn I am sure there will be lots and lots of food for all," Mama Pig told her.
Some of the pigs, as well as Bella and Charlie, decided to dress in costumes for Halloween. Binky went as a pirate, while Story Piggies Kiwi wore a lovely princess outfit. Ralphy made a king's cape out of a Ralph Lauren dark purple pillow case and made sure it matched Raani's purple princess outfit. Charlie had a helmet and a sword (not sharp and no real point), while Bella had a costume like a horse from the Knights of the round table. Ralphy threw Bella's ball over and over to make her happy, then asked if she would agree to carry Raani and himself to the party. Nugget, dressed as a raccoon, made sure he and his princess Kiwi got a ride too, and some of the elder pigs asked for a ride as well.
Stuart Little got himself a "proper" ghost costume that consisted of a flowing white sheet with little pictures of carrots on it. Nugget told him just because he was white didn't mean everyone would guess he was going as a ghost this year. Rocky was wearing his small army hat and had a camouflage fleece blanket to rest on while watching the activities. Mama Pig had decided she didn't feel much like dancing so she took charge of the tablet and promised Rocky a good view. Any pig not in costume put on their boots and hats, ready to do some square dancing at the barn. No one noticed Binky, Billy, Barachiel, Charlie Brown and RB slip off from the group on their way to the dance.
The first order of business when they arrived was a carrot "cake" for Old Ben's birthday. It was actually a huge pile of carrot shavings with greens mixed in for some color and flavor. The pigs that slipped off from the group stumbled into the barn. "Wait, wait, Ben. Wait!" Billy hollered. "We made something special for your eighth birthday! Here. It's not a Halloween birthday party without spirits, ya know?" Billy handed Old Ben a small cup. Old Ben sniffed it and smiled. "Hmmm...been a long time for this." "What is it? What is it?" several pigs asked. Old Ben smiled again and answered "Carrot wine! That will warm these old bones up for sure!" 
He took a big sip, then handed the cup to Niamh, who passed it to Mama Pig, on to Kevin Bacon, who didn't want to pass it. "Pass it! There's plenty more," RB said. All the older and elder pigs sipped carrot wine before the younger ones were allowed to try it. "I may just dance a bit after all," Mama Pig giggled. "Don't worry Rocky, I will dance with you." 
The group at their fill, drank quite a bit carrot wine, and started the square dancing. Addison and Barachiel had the first dance, but then she danced with Uriel since there were more boars than sows. Sweat Pea picked Picchu and Zack, while Amaris danced with Carter and  PS Beasley; Charlie Brown danced with Mimi, Old Ben with Niamh, Ethan and Cookie, Zack and Aoife; and Saoirse chose Stuart Little and RB. Lenny and Binky took turns dancing with Andrea. Mama Pig carried Rocky around with her and did her own little dance. Bella carried Billy, Willie, Kiwi and Gabriel around the dance floor and the boars hung out of the pouches on the sides of her hollering and yelling at the other pigs on the dance floor. Kevin Bacon danced with Adranaan, while Cookie decided she would also dance with Binky.
After several hours of dancing, Avalanche grabbed the mike and made an announcement. "It's time to go outside. I have something special for us." Bill and Barachiel brought the last of the carrot wine with them. When the group got outside, the saw several telescopes set up. "Ahem," Avalanche said. "The telescopes are pointed at a special galaxy. In that galaxy, you will see several starts in the shape of a rainbow. Now I don't know if it is THE rainbow bridge or not, but I found out you can "buy" the stars and name them. Well, I spoke to  the organization and they agreed we could purchase the whole rainbow and name the stars for our friends who are at the Rainbow Bridge. And all I had to do was give them a year of poos for their organic garden!" "Man that's a lot of …" Uriel started but Gabriel nipped his ear and Uriel stopped. Small sobs were heard in the group. "Nugget what star do you want to name Eddie? And for Ethan? Niamh, which one will be Otto?  I would like to have some of the group also pick out stars for Taffy, Sundae, Tosca, Carmen, and Shakira. I am sure we have more and you can name them all! There are a whole bunch."
Guinea pigs walked to the telescopes and looked. "I'd like the big one at the very right side for Eddie and next to him will be Ethan," Nugget said quietly. "Please, can we have the tippy top one for Otto," Mimi ask as Niamh was a bit choked up. Everyone was able to see the rainbow and their own special picked stars. It was either the moment, the carrot wine, or both, but there were several wheeking pigs once all the stars were selected. "Good idea there," Charlie tweeted landing on Avalanche's back. "There are 9 stars in a group over there. Can we have that for the 9 Piggie Coders?" Avalanche asked. "And those 2 right there for Ella and Dandy from the Lava Empire?"
Paws were held as each one picked special stars for some special pig, cat, dog, bird, person, and well you know what I mean. 
There were tears and hugs but mostly very fond memories of each one. They didn't know if it was the moment, the carrot wine, or both, but several started wheeking very softly until it became one loud continuous wheek. There were newspaper and internet stories the following day with neighbors saying there was a strange animal loose over at the dude ranch or aliens had landed,  making loud noises somewhere around midnight. 
Once the remembering was over and the carrot wine was finished, the group went back to their hotel room to rest for departure day.

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