[Gpdd] MISC.: Halloween festivities

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 8 08:15:32 EST 2018

Glynis, I wanted to let you know that Charlie and Bella arrived here 
safely. Everyone reports that they had a wonderful time at the Halloween 
party, and Charlie and Bella indeed put it in a big order at the 
supermarket so that everyone is eating very well! Bella has been playing 
in the yard, and Charlie has sat on the deck (he promised not to fly 
off, as I explained how far it would be to Australia) and met a little 
bird that sometimes flies in to sing.

It's been great hearing Charlie ring his bell, which reminds me of 
Friday. Bella has been giving rides to Charlie, Nugget, and Stuart 
Little, which they are very much enjoying.

Will board your babies on PigAir Saturday, if that is OK.

Cindy, Nugget, and Stuart Little with great guests Charlie and Bella, 
who send their love

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