[Gpdd] ANNOUNCEMENT: belated tribute to Eddie, Part I

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 18 19:24:48 EST 2018

I am writing this on November 18th, the 6th anniversary of Eddie's 
adoption day. I have never written a proper tribute to him, and it is 
certainly time, as, sadly, he passed away in June.

Eddie came to us in 2012 as a buddy for our Texel, Ethan. Due to Ethan's 
rescue having gone out of business, it took quite a while for us to find 
another. Finally I told Ethan that I had no idea how I would do it, but 
he would have a friend before Thanksgiving 2012. Somehow I then 
discovered a rescue I had not known about.

After a two-hour drive, Ethan met what turned out to be five piggies. 
Besides Eddie, two were Eddie's brothers, one was Eddie's father, and 
another was a sweet but unrelated boar.

Ethan was a laid-back guy and accepted the babies immediately and 
probably would have ended up as friends with the slightly older boars, 
but the woman who ran the rescue felt he best got along with Eddie, who 
he met first and who at that time was simply "Juno's baby." The boys 
went home in the same carrier and got along from the start.

Eddie was a tricolor crested, with a white "V" on his left side, a white 
nose, and a caramel and brown "mask." His right side was completely 
brown, which made him look totally different on that side and quite 
certainly must have aided his work as an agent with the Undercover 
Guinea Pigs (code name: Agent Confetti). He loved his pellets, hay, and 
veggies, and often ate pellets, drank water, and then chewed some of his 
wood table for good measure. He had quite a rhythm going on when he did 

He also brought Ethan back to his normal happy temperament. They were 
wonderful friends until Ethan's passing on January 1, 2016. Eddie then 
met Nugget, and their introduction was rather odd, as neither seemed to 
notice the other! They, too, however, soon became good friends.

In the winter, I always drape towels over the boys' cage, but Eddie 
never liked to me to block his view of the television, so that side 
remained open. As I'm sure many of you will remember, he was a fan of 
The Weather Channel. He particularly liked viewing the radar when it was 
colorful. I know I've also mentioned how he loved to wave his shredded 
paper around to get attention and ask for food. My husband once called 
him "The Flag Corps." No other pig understood this, but sometimes Ethan 
or, later, Nugget, would pick up a piece of paper and hold it a moment, 
thinking it must be the thing to do but having no idea why he was doing it.

Will continue in Part II.

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