[Gpdd] ANNOUNCEMENT: belated tribute to Eddie, Part II

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 18 19:28:19 EST 2018

Eddie also loved floortime and exploring his wood house, perching on a 
wood table to eat pellets (and he would stand on it with his full body), 
or lounging in the carrier, but after Ethan passed away, he didn't enjoy 
the floor as much and would literally chase me around until I picked him 
up. I always wondered if he associated floortime with Ethan and didn't 
want to be on the floor after Ethan's passing. I always felt that Eddie 
was a thinker.

I have a theory that cresteds are prone to bladder stones, and 
unfortunately Eddie was diagnosed with one in January 2014. We did our 
best both before and after to feed a good diet to prevent stones, but 
one returned in January 2017.

Honestly, the anesthesia after the second surgery affected him so much 
that I was sure we were going to lose him. It was a guinea-pig-safe 
anesthesia, but I think that, like people, some piggies are more 
affected by it. When he finally came to full consciousness, I felt that 
it was a miracle.

During the last six months or so of Eddie's life, he seemed to be trying 
to get another stone, and we took him for sub-Q fluids, encouraged water 
drinking as much as possible, and did everything we could think of. His 
real condition, however, was a mystery, as despite blood in his urine, 
X-rays showed no stones, and urinalyses showed no infection. 
Unfortunately he couldn't keep up the fight and had to be euthanized on 
June 1st of this year. He was a brave boy to the end, and was comforted 
by Nugget, who most of those last months was only inches away.

Of course we all know that piggies are never with us long enough, no 
matter what a good lifespan they have. Eddie certainly was not with us 
long enough, but I feel that somehow we had extra time with him, almost 
a full year and a half after the second surgery, so I am thankful for 
those "extra days."

Eddie, I know you are enjoying being reunited with Ethan and with new 
friends at the Bridge, and I am sure that celestial floortime is 
wonderful. We miss you so much.

Love from your mom and brother,
Cindy and Nugget (with Stuart Little sending his love, too)

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