[Gpdd] Announcement: Eddies Tribute

Glynis Robson glynisrobson55 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 22:11:52 EST 2018

Dear Cindy Nugget and Stuart Little

What a beautiful tribute for darling Eddie :-)

You brought back many memories some I've giggled at and I've also had a cry
thinking of those horrid stones grrrrr

I remember only to well your struggles with Eddie. What a little trouper he
sure was!!

Yes I bet he's having a wow of a time popcorning at the bridge through the
lush green meadows with all his buddies. I'm sure he waved his paw to
everypig at the naming of the stars as his star was selected.

Huge hugs and little nose kisses for all xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lots of love
Glynis (in mem Sully Duke Velvet and Onyx) xxxx

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