[Gpdd] GPDD: MISC fun

mgandalf43 at aol.com mgandalf43 at aol.com
Fri Sep 7 14:43:22 EDT 2018

Hearing about the new baby piggy reminded me of a game I play with my grown-up piggies, and I wonder if any of you do something similar. When I first got Willie, his early life had been spent with too-young children, then 6 months at the Humane Society before I adopted him. He was touchy about having his back stroked and would do irritated "brrrrs," so I tried setting him on the bed and leaning over him, sphinx-like, like a momma pig.  He loved the protected feeling of my head over him, and would lick my arms and peek through my hair--yes, and nibble at it, and groom himself, then do a guinea crescent.  Anyway, he's 4 now and still loves this. I call it playing Momma and Baby pig.   Mr. Beasley didn't have as traumatic a start to life, but he enjoys it, too.  My husband witnessed this once and asked if we wanted to get a room, lol.  Maybe I'm weird, but the piggies love it :D                            Mary Ann, Willie and Mr. Beasley

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