[Gpdd] MISC: funny video

Rayna Alsberg rmalsberg at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 23:32:19 EDT 2018

Francine -

I saw that video too, on Facebook. :-)

Some comments voiced concerns that pub patrons might not be the most
reliable people to hand guinea pigs to, but, at least in the video, all the
pigs looked very healthy and well cared for, and the pub patrons were
holding them and cuddling them nicely. I understand they are rescues, and
live with the pub owners.

In any case they are all VERY cute (the piggies, that is, no offense to the

I can hardly imagine a better accompaniment to a pint of real ale than a
guinea pig.................unless it's a good drinking song, LOL.


Taffy, Sundae, Tosca, Carmen and Shakira, all in mem

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