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grace ramp gracetheface at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 13 13:05:36 EDT 2018

I have a vet appointment scheduled in a few weeks to see what sex Mini Me is and have a post-birth exam for Mama.  I'm really hoping Mini Me is a girl because I don't want to have to pay over $200 for neutering.  Mama seems to be doing great.  Eating, drinking, pooping.  Who could ask for anything more.  I was surprised by Miss Thing's reaction to a new baby.  There wasn't one.  No curiosity whatever.  She totally. ignores Mini and Mama.  I was feeling sorry for her when poor little Nutsy died leaving her all alone but now I think this diva pig is so self centered she would do fine on her own.  I have had divas in the past who didn't get along with any other pigs and wanted their own cage.  At least Miss Thing doesn't fight with Mama or bully Mini.  l will separate them when Mini gets bigger because the cage I'm using isn't big enough for 3.  Then Miss Thing can return to her "I am the only pig here" status.  I took Mini out to hold for a few minute.  The squeaking was awful but I really want to socialize her before it is too late and she won't let anyone near her.  I'm calling her a her because that's my way of praying for a girl.  Wish me luck.  Either way Mini will have a good home with Mama.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of you down South in the path of Florence.  Stay safe.  

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