[Gpdd] MISC: Starlight, I love you

corrine sakumoto oreochockc at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 07:33:15 EDT 2018

I feel like a failure, my little girl.  You loved me from the beginning.  I went to the humane society to look at a piggie I saw on their website when I saw a cage on the floor full of little piggies.  You wouldn't take your eyes off of me.  Whenever I looked at you, you were looking at me.  We asked about you but the staff said you were all left in the overnight pen so you weren't all processed yet.  But i couldn't get you out of my mind.  We made the three hour drive again the next day but were told you still hadn't been processed.  But this tine, your sister didn't take her eyes off of me.  I looked at their website all week but you never showed up.  Fearing I had missed you we made the three hour drive to find you had finally been processed.  So we welcomed you and your sister into our family.  We were told since you were left without a note, should your 'real owners' show up within a month, we'd have to give you up.  I lived in terror for a month because I had already fallen in love with both of you so deeply, I couldn't imagine losing You.  My heart sang after that month passed.  No one could take you away from us.  You were darker colors while your sister was lighter.  A few days later, I looked up in the night sky and saw two stars together with one star close by.  Our little girl, Sparkles, I knew, had directed us to you.  She had gone a few weeks earlier, I couldn't function without her, she knew I needed you.  It was then I knew your name was Starlight and your sister was Sunshine.  A month later you had a son, Wheeksie and Sunshine had a daughter, Little M.  Tragically, Wheeksie went a year and a half later.  Little M went at the end of last year at six years four months of age.  Sunshine went in March at six years ten months.  Now six months later, my heart is ripped to shreds.  You picked me but I was the lucky one.  You kept me in line, reminded me of things whenever I forgot.  I loved all your scoldings as I deserved them.  You ate your treats eagerly today.  Even doing your usual of 'mommy! Don't forget our snack!'  If it weren't for you I wouldn't remember what I was supposed to do most of the time.  How am I supposed to function without you?  Truth is, I can't.  I won't.  How can i?  I love you, Starlight.  With all my heart.  Love, mommy Corrine 
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