[Gpdd] Rainbow Bridge: Starlight

pat schuett bunzella at yahoo.ca
Fri Sep 28 16:21:47 EDT 2018

Dear Corrine,
I'm so sorry to hear about your latest loss. I have been through that pain many times myself and I know how much it hurts, but I am completely bewildered as to how you could think it is your fault or that you deserve to be punished.  
It 's very clear from your message how much you loved her and how hard you worked to give her a good life.  That's all any of us can do, and no matter what we do, these wonderful little creatures are never with us as long as we would like.  That is just the way of nature and sadly, there is nothing we can do to change that.
Please be kind to yourself especially at this sad time, and try to remember the happiness that Starlight brought into your life (and the happiness you gave to her every day of your lives together).  I'm glad to hear that little Spikey is still there to make you smile.  Don't be afraid to talk to a counselor if you feel the need --- sometimes it helps to have some advice about working your way through these sad times without getting stuck.
My condolences on Starlight's passing, but I know she would not want you to feel so sad or to blame yourself --- she is young and healthy again now and shining down on you like a little star herself.
Pat & the Prairie Pigs

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