[Gpdd] MISC: belated welcome to new Piggyfriends and Happy Birthday

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 7 12:11:25 EST 2019

Hi all,
Avalanche here. Mom and dad have been very busy with Thanksgiving just recently and the arrival this evening of their niece and nephew. Mom said she is tired of cleaning!
We want to welcome - a bit late - the new piggyfriend ladies to keep our buddy Bounty company - way to go Bounty! Two lovely ladies...you are a lucky boar indeed.
And for our friend Marinella - a very very special and Happy Pigday to you! Eight is amazing! You danced at the party like you were five! 
We don't really have any special traditions for the holidays for our piggy boy. He gets spoiled every day so I don't think he would notice...ha ha ha. The best thing about the holidays for me is I can spend more time with Avalanche. He comes out for longer snuggly naps and pettings when I have time off, whether or not he wants to :)
Hope all are well. You all are a great group of friends.
Carol and Avalanche"Mom, I KNOW when I get extra treats - you need to change my cage sooner!"

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