[Gpdd] Misc: Chap is gone

Luita Dean Spangler luitad at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Dec 28 05:13:59 EST 2019

Today with grief I need to tell my GPDD family that sweet guinea pig Chap
died yesterday, six years old. In that inexorable process too well known
to us all, he began gradually to lose weight several month ago, and this
suddenly accelerated ten days ago. Chap got weaker and weaker, no matter
what we did - syringe feeding, pain medication, tempting him with parsley
leaves and dill, carrot and cucumber juice when he was too weak to chew.
He rallied somewhat on Christmas Eve - his Christmas gift to me, giving me
some hope - but then went rapidly downhill. As he got weaker and moved
less, Marinella lay by him the whole time, even grooming him at times.

Chap in health was the happiest guinea pig I have ever known. He was
rescued when he was three by a social worker from a dysfunctional family,
and I think he never forgot this. He greeted each day away from this
family with joy: every treat was met with his purrs and trills, every cage
cleaning with popcorning and romping. We will miss him terribly.

Right now our attention is closely focused on Marinella. At eight years
old, she may be too old for a new partner, especially after being so
closely bonded with Chap. We will see how she adjusts to being a single
pig, and if she does well, we will wait until she passes before adopting
two more (hopefully young) rescues.

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